Why you should join the Canadian Club of the Yamaska Valley

How to Join

For information about the Yamaska Vallery Canadian Club, please contact the president by: 

We look forward to hearing from you.

What the Canadian Club Offers

  • The Canadian Club offers speakers of quality on Canadian issues of both curent and long-term significance
  • The Canadian Club focuses on Canadian identity, needs, and opportunities.
  • The Canadian Club enthusiastically examine all issues and ideas of interest to Canadians and welcomes a broad spectrum of viewpoints.
  • Canadian Club membership embraces people of every race, colour, creed, social status, and political affiliation.
  • Canadian Club members share a love and respect for Canada’s history, traditions, and institutions and are united in their belief in our future as a nation.

Why You Should Join the Canadian Club of the Yamaska Valley

  • You care about Canada.
  • You are interested in our country and its future.
  • You want to be better informed about issues that affect Canada.
  • You believe that informed citizens are important to the future of this country.
  • You value and enjoy the opportunity to meet other committed Canadians.
  • You are a thinking person concerned with the values and processes that guide our nation.