Anny Schneider, author and accredited naturalist and practitioner.

Monday, May 06, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Introduction to Therapeutic Uses of our Common Wild Herbs.

Woodland Fairy To share Her Wisdom

The woodlands, fields and mountains that surround us, in this region of our beautiful Eastern Townships, contain many secrets – secrets that, many of our ancestors knew well.  Not only did this environment provide the means of survival in terms of food, fuel and building materials, it was also the source of countless natural medicinal remedies.  Most of us know little of what is actually there beneath our feet and at our finger-tips.  On May 6th one who has earned the title “La Fée des Bois” (The Woodland Fairy) will divulge many of these secrets.  Indeed, she is one of Quebec’s most reputed accredited herbalists and she will enlighten us, sharing her wisdom in a talk, open to the public, entitled “Introduction to Therapeutic Uses of our Common Wild Herbs” to be given at the Auberge West Brome, at the May meeting of The Canadian Club of the Yamaska Valley.

Anny Schneider, who is also known as “l’Ecologiste Vagabonde”, is a veritable walking encyclopedia when it comes to the wild plants and herbs of our Yamaska region. Originally from a forest village in Alsace, this author, poet, herbalist, and much sought after speaker, has lived in our region of Quebec for the last 32 years.  During that time she studied herbalism and specialized in phytotherapy – the use of plants to treat ailments.  She is the author of four books, one of which has been translated into English. This book “Wild Medicinal Plants” is a veritable catalogue of the most common wild plants and provides up-to-date recommendations on their uses.

Anny Schneider’s presentation will follow the Canadian Club of the Yamaska Valley Spring Luncheon on Monday May 6th. Luncheon tickets are $23 for members a $30 for non-members and must be reserved ahead by phoning Claire Hobbs 450-295-2349 by May 1st.  The luncheon begins at 12 noon.  Non–members who wish to come only for the presentation at 2.00 p.m. and not the luncheon,  may do so for a $10 admission fee. All are welcome.


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