Henry P. Schreiber, chemist, physicist, researdh scientist, recearch professor.

Monday, April 04, 2011 at 6:00 PM

The Serendipity Factor in Science

The goal of science is relentlessly to enrich our fund of knowledge and to replace myth by truth.  Much of the progress made by science is the result of painstaking and dedicated work.  Surprisingly, however, quite a few major successes in science have come about by sheer, blind luck.  We will note a few of these occasions, and focus attention on two in particular.  Only those attending the talk will know what they are.

Professor Schreiber was born in the Czech Republic “terribly long ago,” but has been a proud Canadian citizen since 1946 and a resident of Knowlton, Quebec since 2006, the year he retired from his profession.  This was based on his PhD and MSc degrees in physics and chemistry and entailed some 15 years as a research scientist in industry, followed by a career in Academe.

He was research professor (Chem. Eng.) at l’Université de Montréal’s Ecole Polytechnique and honorary research Fellow (Chem.) at McGill.  He wrote gobs of scientific papers (over 230), holds 20 patents and even contributed to, or edited, 6 books.  Lectures took him far afield (US, Sweden, France, England, Germany, Japan, Thailand, etc.), eventually tiring out both himself and his audiences (?).  Consequently, he now wastes time digging divots at golf courses, playing tennis (badly) skiing (pretty well) and organizing discussion groups, hosting Musical entertainments, and presiding over Henry’s Music and Musings on CIDI, our local radio station..


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