Mari Hill Harpur, Photographer, Author

Monday, April 03, 2017 at 2:00 AM

"Sea Winter Salmon: Chronicles of the St. John River"

Environmentalist speaks at Canadian Club

Mari Hill Harpur will share her expertise on the salmon of Eastern Quebec, as well as other environmental issues at the Canadian Club of the Yamaska Valley meeting on April 3 at two o’clock in the AubergeWest Brome .  She brings to this presentation not only her many years of experience with farming and forestry, but also an artistic touch from her accomplishments in photography .  All are welcome to attend this meeting, with non members paying a $10.00 fee


She and her husband Doug Harpur founded Organix, an organic soil company that created and sold products made from composted chicken manure and hardwood bark across Canada.  Since 1987, they have worked with McGill University, Atlantic Salmon Federation and the Quebec Government, later joined by Ocean Tracking Network developed by Dalhousie University to establish protocol for managing biological inventory collected from studying animal movements, habitats and survival.  From 1995 to 2015, she has been involved with World Forestry Centre in Oregon and a member of 2 foundations , one in France, to support and sponsor various artistic fellowships and grants.  Her latest undertaking is to raise Europeqn Red Deer in Canada, USA and New Zealand.  Mari Hill Harpur was resident artist at Masterworks Art Foundation in Bermuda in Hamilton, Bermuda in 2010

Within the past year,  she has written a book,” Sea Winter Salmon: Chronicles of the St. John River” translated as “Les Pelerins de la Riviere St Jean”, with 150 illustrations about Salma Salar .  The book also includes how   her family’s   property has evolved from a fly fishing camp, purchased in 1899 by her grandfather to current times where   scientific research is used to protect the environment.  An example of this is the acoustic telemetry project started in the 1990’s to surgically implant devices in salmon to gather information.  This research documented that ‘catch and release’ is the most effective manner to help a species survive.

Mari Hill Harpur was born in Minnesota where she says she was ‘sheltered by the agrarian mystique of the bounty of mother earth’.  She started fishing there and eventually came to her family fishing camp in Eastern Quebec.  At that same age, she became fascinated by photography, seeking the image ‘that points back to an intuitive mind’ and was amazed by the magic of developing film in the dark room.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts from Bishop’s University, after graduating from Granby High School.  On another occasion she will be honoured with the Westover Award from. Westover school in Connecticut for her life long accomplishments and contributions


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