Ross Murray,  Author & Educator

Monday, May 07, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Can I See Your Parenting License Please.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Ross Murray has lived in the Townships since the early 90’s, when he joined The Stanstead Journal as editor. He and his partner purchased the paper in 1994 and Ross ran it solo from 1999 until he sold it in 2003. Since 2005 he has worked full-time as Communications Coordinator at Stanstead College.

For several years, Ross has written a weekly humour column in The Sherbrooke Record, Quebec’s only English daily outside Montreal, and for the Web magazine, “Log Cabin Chronicles” ( where his many columns are archived.  He also records a weekly radio column for CBC Quebec City’s afternoon show “Breakaway.”  His first book, entitled “You’re Not Going to Eat That Are You?” is an amusing collection of his newspaper columns and was published by Townships Publications Cantons in June 2010.  His columns have won him multiple awards from the Quebec Community Newspapers Association.

Mike Boone, Columnist at The Gazette wrote, “Ross Murray’s column is brilliant. He is a terrific humourist with enviable (by me) command of the language. I thought I was reading Dave Barry or a Woody Allen piece in the New Yorker.”

Ross Murray’s talk to the Canadian Club is titled “Can I See Your Parenting License Please” and will feature a humorous look at family life.


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