Terry Millard, Expat Brit, Ex Amateur Beer Maker

Monday, March 06, 2017 at 1:59 PM

"The History of Beer"


Now retired, Terry was a Production Engineer for over 40 years. But for over 50 years he has been an avid supporter of traditional British beer and of all things beer related. Terry has given numerous talks and Community College courses on beer and produced numerous home brew batches of traditional beer.

During the 10 years prior to Terry’s coming to Canada, he contributed articles to two local magazines featuring very old country pubs that still featured traditional British Ales. He supported the fledgling “campaign for real ale” or (CAMRA) organization, founded by like minded traditional Ale lovers, that was created to help save traditional brewers under attack from the large commercial breweries.

Upon arriving in Canada in the mid 1970’s he was disappointed in the lack of non-commercial beers available and began brewing many batches of beer in the traditional way. His first talk on the history of beer, in 1980, was to be a small event for the Biology Department at McGill University, billed as a lunchtime lecture. The event finally took place in a large lecture hall filled to capacity with several hundred students and professors. Since then he has been asked to give similar talks on numerous occasions over the past years, drawing on his personal library of over 100 books on the subject.

His involvement in local organizations included 10 years of stage managing numerous amateur theater productions in Knowlton, 7 years of being a horse show manager at Brome Fair and giving 10 week courses on the history of and how to make traditional beers and country wines at the Community College in Cowansville.

On his regular trips back to England he finds time to visit interesting pubs offering traditional ales. On the last trip he discovered a pub, close to where he grew up, steeped in history, that has been serving traditional beers since 1347!

He enjoys introducing as many people as possible to all aspects of the colourful and intriguing history of beer.




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